Kinobody Greek God Program Review

The Kinobody Greek God program could very well be your best bet to a lean and muscular body. Yes. Fitness enthusiasts have bought it in their droves and continue to do so. But, what makes this program such a popular choice? Is it all hype and no substance? What follows is an in-depth Kinobody Greek God program review and everything you’d ever wanted to know about it.

So, What is This Program?

For starters, Kinobody is a comprehensive workout nutrition program. Its primary intention to help you transform your body and look like…you guessed it …a Greek God!

And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to spend hours working out every day – three days of training per week, one hour per session is enough to get you the results.

The Kiniobody program is all about enabling to build a proportionate body while reducing fat. That way, you can maintain a good physique for long. We’re talking about Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig (of the James Bond movies and Christian Bale (Batman) kind of body. How about that!

Who is the Program For?

The Greek God program is for men. More specifically, it is for gentlemen in for a strong, to-die-for body without hitting the gym for hours. As stated, you’ll only need to work out for one hour, three days a week.

It works for beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. Even then, you can use Kinobody if you haven’t achieved much success with your weightlifting regimen.

Who’s the Author of this Program?

Greg O’Gallagher is the brains behind Kinobody. A work out devotee himself, O’Gallagher has a thriving online fitness business to his name. It is his ability to create proven programs and content such as the Greek God that makes him stand out.

Other than that, O’Gallagher is super interactive with fans on YouTube where he offers free advice. His take on fitness and nutrition is that you should use both to improve your well-being all around. Also, O’Gallagher believes in skipping breakfast and intermittent fasting. The long and short of it is – the person behind this program knows his stuff and is pretty good at it too.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

The Kinobody Greek God is available as an online class. You will get full access to the program and bonuses upon sign up.

The classes cover essential topics such as how to set up your training, with the actual workouts broken down into different phases, nutrition and how to track your progress.

Different videos explain and illustrate all workout routines. You will learn how to perform each exercise and how to lift without hurting your body. The terms used in the videos are comprehensible and the sequence of workouts arranged in a way systematic fashion that’s easy to stick to.

Bonuses include additional workout routines and podcasts as well full access to Kinobody’s exercises tutorial Vault. And then there are the FAQ materials. You’ll also become a member of an exclusive forum consisting of like-minded fitness enthusiasts like yourself.

Does Kinobody Work?

Well, there’s every indication that Kinobody offers what it promises judging by the number of people who have used it. There are thousands of reviews by independent users saying that indeed the program worked for them. Besides, Greek God uses proven strategies including;

• Focusing on heavy compound lifts for optimal muscle recruitment
• Reverse pyramid training to allow you to perform intense workouts first followed by lower weight and fast-paced repetitions after that
• Lifting in the five to ten rep range for maximum strength and muscle gain
• Micro-loading to enable you to transition from micro-plates to fractional plates
• Two-day splitting, training three days a week so you can do the same workout once or twice
• Training three days a week for maximum recovery
• Focusing on building the upper body coupled with some leg training
• A combination of workout phases using different principles
• Carole cycling so that your body can make the most of protein synthesis
• Intermittent fasting to control hormonal fluctuations

There is scientific backing that these strategies work for bodybuilding. In other words, Kinobody follows a test and proven formula and is likely to give you results.


• Super easy to use and follow
• Detailed to the core
• Comes with bonuses
• Easy to navigate through the workout material
• Require only three hours of your time every week
• Thirty-day money back guarantee


• You may not like the intermittent fasting part
• There isn’t much focus on leg training

Final Thoughts

We hope that this Kinobody review has answered questions that you may have had about the program. While this program will give you the results, you have to stick to it religiously and follow everything it teaches to the letter. But then again, that’s how it works with all fitness programs. Over to you!

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