Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Review

Kinobody is an interesting fitness program. For starters, it claims to enable you to transform how your body looks using “proven nutrition and workout strategies.” In essence, it seeks to help you to burn fat, increase muscle mass, boost stamina and improve your overall fitness. The long and short of it is that Kinobody promises to give you a lean and muscular body that you’ve always wanted.

What follows is a Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Review, to help you know what it all about in depth.

What Exactly Does Kinobody Has to Offer?

Kinobody offers three packages – the “warrior physique, the “Greek God” physique, and the “superhero” physique. We break down each of them;

The “Warrior” Physique

This part of the program focuses on;

• Giving you “a more chiseled body beyond your imagination”
• Enabling you to gain muscles in all essential parts will losing fat at the same time
• Boosting your sex appeal
• Helping you attain the coveted V-shape body
• Enabling you shed off six to eight pounds of fat two inches off your waist

… And, the beauty of it is that you’ll achieve all this in a little as thirty days.

At this stage, Kinobody will teach you a certified, repeatable, easy-to-follow nutrition and exercise regimen that will boost your testosterone, muscle gain, and workout performance. More specifically, you’ll learn how to eat two to three meals per days and exercising three times every week.

The “Greek God” Program

At this state, the Kinobody uses a Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration (MEGA) training to help you pack on more muscle mass, but with no fat gain. You will be able to increase your sex appeal, muscle and proportion “rapidly and simultaneously, working three days a week. This package teaches you to;

• Increase dense, rock-solid muscle without experiencing the strength-building plateau
• And, if you hit a plateau, you will learn an additional ten exercises to enable you to break through
• Stick to your exercise plan to optimize muscle gain and strength
• Maximize your nutrition, even when on a tight budget

The Greek God program comes with an FAQ section, private members access and a three-day split workout.

The “Superhero” Physique

This is the last stage of the Kinobody fitness program. It focuses on giving you the V-shape that women relish. This package shows you a smart way to train instead of spending hours in the gym. It uses a system called rest-pause training.

Kinobody Bonuses

On top of your order, you’ll also receive a couple of bonuses including, lifting protocol, core superhero bulking program manual, bonus module, living the superhero lifestyle e-book and workout substitution guide. Other extras include;

The Goddess Toning Program

As the name suggests, this package is all about giving you a slim, fit and tine body. It uses a workout system that involves targeted cardio, strength training, and tailor-made nutrition.
Of course, this program is for women.

It will teach you what to eat to burn fat and tone your muscles without over-exercising or dieting. Still, you will have to exercise at least three to four days a week. Each Goddess toning program comes with a meal guide, a mindset, and motivational workbook as well as exercise routine videos.

Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

Some of the Kinobody Reviews that we’ve come across hail this as the “most effective and sustainable fat loss strategy ever.” It seeks to reprogram your body to speed up fat loss without putting you through crash diets. You will learn the food items to include in every dish to reduce your craving for junk foods. It also teaches you to focus and remain satiated all day. The Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 consists of;

• The main course
• Mp3 audio course
• Fat loss cheat sheer
• Private members group
• How to conquer your fitness goals
• Full exercise tutorial video
• Mental programming and behavioral changes

Body Weight Mastery

Kinobody has an eight-phase bodyweight mastery program that uses a well-thought-out plan to help you achieve a lean, proportionate, and muscular physique using your body weight. By extension, this program enables you to look good and give you athletic functionality coupled with incredible stretch. Think of a wide back, square chest, well-defined shoulders and slim weight.

…So, Who’s the Author of Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program?

Gregory O’Gallagher is the brains behind Kinobody. He is a certified personal backed by experience in building the Greek god proportions. In fact, he has voiced the popular Road to Ripped podcast. Other than that, he has a considerable following off 54,000+ Facebook and 77,000+ on Instagram

The Bottom Line

Kinobody is a one-of-a-kind program. Its well-calculated packages make it different from other similar programs. Beside, O’Gallagher has an incredible physique giving the outlook that his regimen delivers what it promises. Plus, many Kinobody reviews by independent users say that this shredding program indeed works.