Why Your Stress Problem is Everyone’s Problem

APA released its annual Stress in America survey yesterday, and we have again found that our nation is under pressure. Yes, average stress levels have declined somewhat from their max in 2007 and 2008, but that was at a time of extreme economic uncertainty when the housing crisis began to bubble, and the nation’s economy was on the cliff, about to take a deep fall. But even as the nation’s economy begins to improve, we found that yet again, the majority of people surveyed said they are experiencing very high degrees of stress at levels that are higher than they…

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Holiday Family Gatherings Trigger Old Sibling Rivalry

Although everyone’s older, and your former bedroom may now be used for other purposes, some things are the same — that creak on the fourth step; the old photos on the mantel; the smell of the basement, etc. And you may notice that your behavior is reminiscent of your 10-year-old self as well. For example: Your brother (now a father himself) grabs the TV remote and won’t give it back. You get into a heated argument, to the point where your mom has to intervene. Sis forgot to bring the folding chairs. Your dad shrugs it off, saying that they’ll…

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What Really Happens When You Call 911?

While not popular to talk about, suicide is a sad reality in our society. The Centers for Disease Control estimated that more than 32,000 Americans died as a result of suicide in 2004. And contrary to some of our stereotypes about suicide, it occurs in all age groups, not just teenagers. Men, women, children, adults, older adults, and all ethnic and cultural groups can be at risk for developing suicidal thoughts or ideations, making it important for all health care practitioners and consumers, parents, teachers, children, and friends to know something about what to do when/if these thoughts come up….

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Mental Health Month Blog Party – May 18

Mental health affects everyone and everything we do. Yet, mental health is a topic many don’t feel comfortable discussing. Join us on May 18, 2011, to spead the importance of good mental health and reduce its stigma. May is Mental Health Month, and on May 18 bloggers will come together for a Mental Health Month Blog Party to educate the public about mental health, decrease stigma about mental illness, and discuss strategies for making lasting lifestyle and behavior changes that promote overall health and wellness. You can see some of the great blogs that contributed to this year’s event at…

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Mental Health Blog Day Round Up

Here’s a selection of some great stories from bloggers and writers who are dedicating a post for our mental health blog day party. Thank you to everyone who is helping us increase awareness and recognize Mental Health Month. We’ll be adding more links as the day goes on so let us know if you’re blogging for mental health. (UPDATED 1 p.m. EST, May 19) Good Company Blog – Psychologically Healthy Workplaces are Real Snoozers Our Journey Through Life – Great timing! Seriously, it is. Somebody Heal Me – Challenging Stigma: Mental Health Month Blog Party Beyond Postpartum – Mental Health…

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