Purple Mattress Review

There’s so much buzz around the Purple mattress. A revolutionary product, this mattress promises to change the way sleep, offering unmatched comfort and firmness. But, is this thing as good as it claims? Is it all hype and no substance? What follows is an in-depth Purple mattress review, detailing what makes it tick when pitted against other mattresses.

So, What Exactly is the Purple Mattress?

Purple’s claim to fame is its innovative design. It combines hyperelastic polymer materials and foam to create an exclusive feel to allow you to enjoy a restful night. Even though it has latex type qualities, it offers superior support.

The hyper-elastic polymer has a unique texture and isn’t comparable to latex. More specifically, this mattress doesn’t displace your body weight as the case with latex mattresses. On top of that, it features clever air flow channels to cool you off as you sleep.

Is it Firm?

Yes. The Purple mattress is reasonably firm. It gets a rating of 6 to 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. With this level of firmness, it can accommodate a variety of sleeping styles and requirement – which is the primary reason for its popularity.

Add the exclusive smart design and what you get is a mattress that can support any sleeper from back to side sleepers. Regarding the amount of weight it can handle, Purple can contain sleepers as light as 130 pounds and as heavy as 150 pounds.

Lightweight sleepers attest to feel as though they’re floating atop the mattress while their medium counterparts get somewhat of a “huggy” feeling. Heavy users (150 pounds and more) get better sinkage as the mattress contours to the shape of their bodies.

How About the Layers?

With the incredible support that Purple possesses, you’d expect it to have a couple of layers, right? Well, true to your expectations, it boasts three layers of hyperelastic polymer and foam, giving it a thickness of 9.5 inches.

Top Layer – Has up to two inches of hyper polymer material for comfort and coiling.

Middle Layer – Has a thickness of 3.5 inches to deliver transitional support. Together with the top layer, it offers compression support, a feature you’ll appreciate if you’re a heavy sleeper.

Bottom Layer – Has up to 4 inches of dense material to give the entire mattress a solid foundation.

How’s the Sinkage and Transfer Motion?

Purple does an excellent job when it comes to absorbing motion during sleep. Due to its incredible ability to take in movement, it allows you to toss and turn without disrupting your partner. Other than that, this mattress has a super thin powder coating of non-toxic material to help reduce noises.

As for the sinkage, Purple will dip anywhere between 1 to 1.5 inches irrespective of how you are sleeping. But, when you sit on the edge, it will press down to 2.5 to 4 inches. It is worth noting though that sinkage may vary from one sleeper to another depending on the weight.

Does it Cool-off the Sleeping Surface?

As stated, one of the most attractive highlights of the Purple mattress is the ability to self-regulate the temperature on the surface. It has a one-of-a-kind polymer smart grid to cool off the top. That way, you can sleep on it all year round despite the weather.

Does it Smell?

Well, you should expect a faint smell soon after unpacking your mattress. However, the scent fades off as you continue to use it. Besides, Purple has a CertiPur-US certification that makes it a green product.

Does the Mattress Come with a Foundation?

Purple has a platform base to hold it in place. Even then, you don’t have to buy the bottom (it is sold separately by the way) if you have a sturdy surface to place your mattress on. The box foundation has an adjustable frame that can slant up to 3 inches.

Does it Come with a Cover?

Yes and a durable one. The cover features a blend of viscose, polyester and Lycra material. It fits snugly over the mattress. The cover works in conjunction with the top layer to keep heat under control. So you may know, it is white so, enabling this mattress to match a variety of interior décor. It has a diamond pattern too for a stylish, trendy look.

While you can remove the cover, you’re better of leaving it in place unless you want to machine wash. Speaking of washing, use cold water cycles to clean the cover and spread it flat to dry. Do not iron.

Is it Durable?

Independent Purple mattress reviews point to the fact that is relatively durable in comparison to other foam mattresses. Moreover, the manufacturer uses superior materials and abides by quality control standards. According to the available data, customers report up 85% satisfaction.

How Big is it?

The Purple is available in Twin XL, King, Queen, and California King Sizes. It weighs anywhere between 70 and 140 depending of course, on the size.

You won’t pay a dime for shipping. Setting up your mattress is super easy too – unpack, take to the desired position/room and sleep on it – nice and easy!

How About the 100 Night Risk-Free Trial and Guarantee?

Purple comes with a 100 day, 100% money back guarantee. The period allows you to try out the mattress for 100 days to determine if it delivers what it promises. You can get in touch with Purple’s customer service desk to return yours if you feel that it doesn’t offer value for your cash.

Purple has a 10-year warranty – the only one on the market for mattresses in the same price range.


  • Great value for money
  • Super thoughtful design
  • Extended trial period


  • Could have been available in more sizes


Purple is a class of its own. Only a handful of mattresses can match what Purple has to offer regarding performance, support, and comfort. The high rating and positive vibes around this mattress are proof enough that there is something special about it. Plus, it supports any sleeper. We hope that this Purple mattress review has given you the answers you’ve been looking for about the product. Over to you!