The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation helps establish a secure connection between the external and internal worlds. It awakens our bodies and benefits all aspects between the layers of our subconscious and conscious mind.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of meditating from EMR.

1. Improves Empathy

Compassion or loving-kindness meditation fires up neural connections in the parts of the brain responsible for regulating positive emotions like kindness and empathy. The flow of deep state meditation will leave you more amicable and affectionate and is one way of building social connectedness.

2. Improves Cognition

Studies show that one way for professionals to increase their chances of success is to take up the practice of meditating and make it a part of their routine. Researchers have found that both mindful and transcendent meditation improves the brain’s decision-making and problem-solving strategies, which can help improve one’s professional life.

3. It is Natural Stress Stabilizer

Stress is how our bodies respond to unforeseen difficulties. When faced with immediate threats, cortisol (a stress hormone found in our bodies) levels spike and the Autonomic Nervous System (responsible for the fight or flight response) activates. Studies on the brains of people who meditate regularly reveal that they tend to have lower levels of cortisol in their brains, which elucidates their insightful and resilient nature.

4. It Promotes Emotional Well-being and Health

Studies show that meditating improves self-worth and self-image. When you meditate, you enter into a more lucid state of mind and become more aware of the thoughts that drive your actions and emotions at any given moment.

One study found that people who meditate regularly are less likely to develop mood-related disorders like depression (Cahn, Walsh, Jain, 2015). Furthermore, the study found that some meditative practices that promote positive thinking can improve an individual’s overall emotional health and well-being.

5. Improves Attentiveness by Inducing a State of Flow

One thing about meditation is that it absorbs you into the “now” – you become more aware of the environment around you and of yourself. When we meditate, mindful awareness comes naturally, allowing us to enter the ‘flow’ state where the mind is in accord with itself. A study conducted on the effects an 8-week study mindful meditation course had on participants found that individuals who meditate regularly have longer concertation spans and heightened attention. Interestingly, even individuals who meditated for shorter periods showed improved concertation levels and attention to detail than those who didn’t meditate at all.

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