Tips and Pointers for Crafting a Top-Notch Resume

A better resume will help you get that perfect job – here are some tips to create one.

Proving Yourself through Your Resume

A large part of being authentic is the capacity to represent yourself and your brand with proof of who you are and what you are doing on your online resume. You can do this by writing about the things you have accomplished and offering proof with the tangible results you obtained.


Numbers carry a certain heft about them that is hard to deny. They show your audience that you know what it takes to move the metrics and these results are real. Some of my clients have felt like they don’t need to use numbers and figures because sales is not their area and they don’t really do anything to affect the bottom line directly. This may sound familiar, but this doesn’t mean your actions aren’t quantifiable. You just need to look at what counts.


Testimonials are the best word-of-mouth advertising and third-person endorsements. What other people have to say about us can carry more weight than the things we’d say about ourselves. It means that other people provide that essential validation for your work.

One of the greatest sources of validation and support LinkedIn. This is the best place to showcase your work and career success as well as the glowing reports others have had to say about you. Recommendations from others are hard to ignore and endorsements are now an essential part of your job search.

Gaining Recommendations

Don’t wait around for someone to recommend you, get out there and be proactive with your requests. Be sure to hit up your supervisors, clients, colleagues, coworkers and anyone else who could provide a professional perspective. Maybe there is a specific aspect of your accomplishments you would like to highlight, you could reach out to your network for comments on this very thing.


Endorsements offer benefit your personal brand in many ways. At a glimpse any potential employer will be able to see your skills and how many people have endorsed them. They will also be able to see the mutual connections you have and what comments they have made. When this is used on LinkedIn it automatically pulls up the relevant skills for your potential employer to see. This is another good way to show your capacity to fill a position.

Be Careful What You Include

Whether it is your hobbies, skills or personal information everything on your CV should be relevant. It is said that you should not include your DOB on your CV, check out this article.

Modern Design, Stunning Visuals, Gripping Graphics

Today’s modern society is more visually driven than any other and as social media and visual technology continue to advance the visual emphasis is increased. If you are not sure about this, take a moment to consider the massive popularity of Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat and that videos are the most widespread way of getting attention and circulating information.

The visuals, graphics and design features you add to your resume will make an important impact. They also provide more benefits to your personal brand through communicating vital information. After all, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Make sure the design you are using is modern, clear and legible. You want your potential employer to be able to capture all the important information at a glance. So keep everything easy to locate and intuitive.

Use graphs and pie charts to convey statistical or numerical information in an unforgettable way. You can also use this to express your skill levels in or bring special attention to other aspects of your personal brand.

Sales data is the perfect thing to express in a graphic.

You can offset these visuals with some of the key comments and testimonials your customers or colleagues have made. This way you are presenting important information and reinforcing it with your inarguable third-person testimonials.

If you lack the skills with Microsoft word to create a truly impactful resume, or you are in a marketing industry and looking to make your resume pop out from the stack, I would advise against using a template or pre-made design. It is a better plan to find a professional resume writer who can create a modern design, add the captivating graphics and make your resume a work of art and the essential tool that will land you the job you really want.