Top 3 Ways to Keep Stress and Anxiety at a Minimum this Summer

Summers are meant to be relaxing. You’re supposed to spend less time working and more time having fun enjoying the good weather. But, unfortunately, even on sunny days, anxiety can find its way into your psyche and wreak havoc on a perfect summer day. Instead of letting stress and anxiety ruin your summer fun, here are some ways you can get a handle on it.

Reconnect with Nature

It’s not just about stepping outside for fifteen minutes, though fresh air does always help. Reconnecting with nature is about having a mindful moment. When you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood, take a second to observe what’s going on around you. Notice the children playing, the birds in the trees, the dogs walking happily with their masters. Feel the air fill your lungs when you inhale. Try not to judge what you see, just observe.

When feeling especially irritable, taking a solo hike is a great alternative to walking around your neighborhood. Observe the trees and inhale their goodness. According to studies, trees and plants emit a compound called phytoncides, which is known for stimulating neurons that invoke calm and relaxation. This practice is known as forest bathing and can go a long way to helping you reach a mindful state of bliss.

Enjoy a Cup of CBD-infused Tea

Drinking tea has been reported to reduce stress for centuries. Many people attribute the calming effects to the meditative state one is in while preparing the tea. According to scientists, though the ritual does play a part in relaxing you, it’s not the only thing putting you at ease. The tea itself has a chemical compound called L-theanine that pushes certain parts of the brain to induce relaxation. The caveat is that it can be a subtle activation. And under very stressful situations, you may need more than one cup — unless it’s CBD-infused tea.

CBD is a compound that activates specific neurotransmitters to work with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for many processes, including mood regulation. CBD-infused teas reduce anxiety naturally because the compound alters serotonin signals.

Serotonin is one of the top neurotransmitters involved in balancing mental health. So, where once the body was experiencing low serotonin levels and drifting into an anxiety-prone rampage, it’s now being calmed down by CBD.

Specialty cannabis teas & edibles from the right provider come in a variety of herbal blendsthat are made with premium cannabis. You won’t experience that high feeling that comes from ingesting THC, either. Instead, all you’ll feel is stress-free relaxation.

Listen to Some Music

It’s no secret that music can do wonders for the human spirit. Listen to some music from your youth, and you’re instantly transported to easier times. Listen to your parents’ favorite oldies station, and you’re surrounded by wonderful family memories. Listen to a favourite live album and transport yourself back to your favorite concert. That is the power of music. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed out because of the burdens of the world, play your favorite songs and just listen.

If you’re having a seriously stressful day, combine all three tips. Throw on your much-loved tunes, go for a mindful walk, and then finish it off with a hot cup of CBD-tea.