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It is not unusual to see, nowadays, a lot of “so-called” diet remedies or recipes that are supposedly capable of reversing the effects of diabetes mellitus. The reason for this is obvious! Statistics show that more than 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and that 9.4% of the population have diabetes. This suggests that any recipe that claims to cure diabetes will surely be highly sought-after and profitable. One such remedy that claims to cure diabetes mellitus is called the “Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy” by Michael Dempsey—a 51-year old guy—who lives in Freeport, Maine. Many Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy reviews are available online. But we want to evaluate its merits and probe deeper into its origin and efficacy as a remedy.

The Origin of the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy

The backstory behind the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy started when Rachel, the wife of Michael Dempsey, collapsed during her daughter’s wedding. According to Dempsey, the wedding ended abruptly, his wife rushed to the hospital, and later diagnosed with Diabetic Hyperosmolar Coma. Dempsey, of course, did not fully believe the doctors’ diagnosis.

Incredulous, he tried to do his own research on this disease. Fortunately, he got acquainted with a certain Lekmai—a 91-year old Vedda native of Sri Lanka—who was then visiting the hospital. Lekmai told Dempsey about how in Vedda village, diabetes is non-existent. Curious of this, Dempsey asked for the reason. Lekmai told him that the reason is in Vedda regular diet.

Desirous of curing his wife, Dempsey secured the phone number of Lekmai. And after three days, Dempsey received a parcel from Lekmai that contained Vedda recipes. To cut this long story short, Dempsey’s wife got cured and recovered. Now, Dempsey is spreading the merits of Vedda recipes, but with a catch—you need to buy the e-book of the Vedda recipes.

The abovementioned story leaves us with a question: “Is Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy truly effective or is it simply another type of scam that tries to hoodwink people into believing that it is the cure for diabetes mellitus?

Is the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy a Scam?

If you would ask a medical scientist whether the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy is effective, you would certainly get this answer: “Until it is scientifically proven, its effectiveness remains doubtful.” So, if we follow this argument, we are bound to look for scientific studies that categorically prove the effectiveness of the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy. Moreover, we can’t simply rely on various online Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy reviews for they may be slanted and paid for.

Yet, we usually have a problem when it comes to finding scientific studies on Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy. This is because the main financiers of most scientific studies are the huge pharmaceutical companies. Obviously, these companies will be half-hearted in sponsoring scientific studies on traditional medicine. For if the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy is proven to be very effective, these pharmaceutical companies would surely lose much profits. Remember: most ingredients of the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy are available in the supermarket. Thus, it is not surprising that there is a scarcity of scientific studies on this matter.

So, we are left with no recourse but to rely heavily on the testimonies of those who’ve already used the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy. Their testimonies may be not be scientific, though experiential. But in a way, they could bolster the arguments for the effectiveness of the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy.

Understanding Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy

The Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy makes use of natural treatment program using natural ingredients. It comes in the form of an e-book and is designed to remedy Type II diabetes. It consists of easy-to-make delicious recipes and meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The main ingredients, however, of this remedy is the coconut oil which is believed to lower sugar level in the bloodstream.

Dempsey claims that the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy is backed by years of studies, research, testing, and retesting in one of the Sri-Lankan Laboratory, but this claim is doubtful.

Pros and Cons of Using the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy

In our effort to enlighten those who are considering this therapy, we’ve collected information from various Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy reviews online. We came up with the following obvious advantages and disadvantages concomitant with the use of the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy:


  • It is easy to follow and is surely better than other medical procedures on curing diabetes mellitus.
  • It is also 100 percent natural. Thus, it doesn’t have much undesirable side-effects.
  • It helps you discipline yourself by enabling you to subscribe to a specific eating regimen.
  • It gives you a hope for remedying your diabetes without the unsavory and undesirable medical procedures in most hospitals.


  • First, it is unscientific and is not backed by strict scientific studies.
  • Not backed by many scientific studies, it may contain some side-effects that may further aggravate your diabetic condition.
  • You need to take or follow it at your own risk.
  • It requires you to strictly implement a diet that may preclude you from eating your favorite food.


There is always an ongoing antagonism between Western Medical Science and Traditional Medicine. But we are more inclined to believe that most medical remedies for diseases, specifically that of diabetes mellitus, are available in nature. We only need to search for them and tap their curative powers. We don’t totally rule out the ineffectiveness or effectiveness of the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy. We only hope that it is backed by scientific studies.

Until its effectiveness is scientifically proven, we could still doubt its effectiveness. We can’t totally rely on online Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy reviews and testimonials because they may be biased and slanted. But one thing is obvious, the risks involved in subscribing to this remedy is not that high. Hence, we could truly say that there’s no harm in trying this remedy!

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