Why is footwear so important on your wedding day?

Are you going to be a bride? Have you planned everything about your wedding? What are you going to wear in dress, feet and overall? Well, these are the things that are most important for you. You have to be really careful about what you choose to wear on your special wedding day.

Women often give a lot of importance to their dress but not their bridal shoes. But if the shoes you are wearing are not matching, stylish, and comfortable and good; they might make you feel uneasy and look dim. You cannot simply skip on the significance of right footwear for your wedding. If you don’t know what exactly you should look for the following points might help you.

Shoes are for wearing not for buying only

You know what the pair of shoes you would select to wear on your wedding day, are to be worn. You cannot simply have a tall heals and feel that they look sexy and simply avoid wearing them on the wedding day. Moreover, even if you wear those really tall heels you might end up ruining your event. It is because being the bride you would have to walk the passage way, climb and descend the stairs, give different poses for the pictures and much more. Here, if you do not have comfortable footwear to wear, you might feel topsy-turvy all the time. It would not just make you look crazy but also end up making your feet pain a lot.

Pick the exclusive shoes

These are the wedding shoes that make you feel wonderful and hip. Even if your outfit is floor length, giving your guests the rare peek of an exquisite pair of shoes is going to make you experience like a true princess. Well, the wedding footwear do not have to be dull, go blend classic style with chic detailing and you will love them for the years to come.

Absolutely Comfortable footwear

Remember the day of your wedding is important and you cannot let it pass by in a dull manner. Since your shoes are going to carry you throughout the day, make sure that you pick the right, comfortable and stylish shoes. You cannot simply have random shoes to wear. Comfort has to be your priority or you might end up with bruises on your feet and uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. After all, if the footwear you wear is not good, they are going to make you look tired and dull all the daylong on your wedding. Moreover, no matter how good or comfortable the wedding shoes are, if they are brand new; make sure that you don’t wear them directly on your wedding day. You have to wear the shoes a few times before and simply walk around on the carpet of your house to get use to the shoes.


So, check out JJ’s House collection and enjoy a wonderful and pleasant experience with the right footwear! Your wedding day would be peppy and happy with the right footwear in feet!